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Ballade dans la région aixoise

Ballade autour de la Sainte Victoire avec repas le midi.

Contactez nous pour en savoir plus ou vous inscrire.

Le roadbook de la journée

février 27 @ 8h00 17h00

2 commentaires sur “Ballade dans la région aixoise”

  1. Hello,

    Apologies for writing in English. I hope you can understand my message.
    Feel free to send me your answer in French.

    I hope my EV car (Hyundai Kona) will be repaired on time (it needs a new battery) and will be happy to participate in this tour. When will you publish the details of the itinerary?

    1. Hello Ivone
      Thank you for your message. Roadbook is still under discussion but I guess we could spread the details by end of January. Hope to see you with your repaired Kona;)
      Take care

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